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FAQ - Academics/Education

New FAQ posted on July 30, 2013, are noted in orange. FAQ in black were submitted and answered prior to July 1, 2013, and remain here as archived items. For the most up-to-date information, visit the website of the department responsible for the topic area.

What's going to happen to the honor society chapters?
Honor societies are typically administered by individual schools and organizations. No changes are anticipated.

Will the legacy UMDNJ women's health nurse practitioner program be integrated into the Rutgers doctor of nursing practice (D.N.P.) program, allowing students in the D.N.P. program to transfer in?
We are in the process of integrating the nursing educational program offerings at every level and will be providing information on their evolution as they occur.

I am a newly admitted student to the legacy UMDNJ accelerated bachelor of science in nursing (B.S.N.) program. Will I be attending classes at the legacy UMDNJ location or the Rutgers location?
As a student in the existing Rutgers School of Nursing accelerated B.S.N. program, you will complete your program of study at the location to which you were admitted. Newark students will attend classes at the Rutgers Health Sciences Campus at Newark. Students admitted to the program in southern New Jersey will attend classes at the School of Nursing's Stratford location (both were previously UMDNJ locations).

If I am applying for the legacy UMDNJ accelerated nursing program for the spring 2014 semester, which school's admission requirements (i.e. prerequisites) should I follow?
You will be required to meet all of the admission requirements/prerequisites published on the Rutgers School of Nursing (formerly UMDNJ School of Nursing) website.

If I want to take undergraduate courses that legacy UMDNJ schools and colleges do not offer, do I still have to apply for admission to Rutgers? I am already a student in the School of Health Related Professions program and need certain science major courses that are not offered at legacy UMDNJ schools and colleges or Thomas Edison State College.
As a Rutgers student, you can take courses at the Rutgers Newark College of Arts and Sciences, although you must be able to demonstrate that you have completed any prerequisites for the course(s) you are seeking to take. For more information, please contact your dean's office.

In preparing to apply to the legacy UMDNJ accelerated bachelor of science in nursing, how (if any) will the prerequisites change for prospective students?
It is possible that admission requirements, including prerequisite course requirements, may change with the cohort admitted for the fall semester 2014. Until then, however, they will remain the same for those students admitted through the spring semester 2014.

What will happen to the schools and programs of UMDNJ?
Schools will continue to operate at their current locations under the umbrella of Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences headed by a chancellor to be appointed by Rutgers’ president.

Which units will be part of Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences (RBHS)?
RBHS, headed by a chancellor reporting directly to Rutgers’ president, will serve as an umbrella organization for schools, centers, and institutes from both Rutgers and UMDNJ. A full list of units slated to join RBHS can be found here. Other units may be added at the discretion of Rutgers’ president.

Will University Behavioral Health Care and University Correctional Health Care be part of the restructuring?
Yes, all of University Behavioral Health Care, including University Correctional Health Care, will become part of Rutgers.

How will changes to policies and procedures be implemented within Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences?
Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences (RBHS) will have its own chancellor, who will report directly to Rutgers’ president. As part of Rutgers, RBHS will be subject to university policies and procedures. These policies and procedures will be clearly communicated to all stakeholders.

Are there plans to merge the nursing schools?
The nursing programs at UMDNJ and Rutgers–Newark and New Brunswick are complementary; discussions are under way to reorganize them to enhance excellence and take advantage of existing resources. Changes in the structure of nursing education have not been finalized, and no reorganization of those programs will occur for fiscal year 2013–2014.

Will the restructuring create changes to departments within the medical schools?
Existing departments within the schools that are transferring to Rutgers will maintain their current structures. At this time there are no plans to make structural changes within these schools.

UMDNJ offers several undergraduate and graduate programs that are not offered at Rutgers. Will the existing programs continue after the integration? Will credits earned in the UMDNJ program be accepted by the Rutgers program?
It is expected that existing degree programs will continue after the integration, that students will transfer to Rutgers with no changes in the curriculum or degree requirements, and that credits earned will be carried over.

Will stipends for Ph.D. students at UMDNJ change?
UMDNJ stipends for Ph.D. students at UMDNJ’s Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences are the same as those for Rutgers students.

Will Rutgers and UMDNJ undergraduate or graduate students be given priority admission to the graduate and professional programs transferring from UMDNJ?
No, the admissions processes at these schools will continue to select students in accordance with the policies and academic standards of their schools and/or accrediting bodies.

Can students from current UMDNJ schools use academic support units at Rutgers?
All existing UMDNJ support services will remain in place after July 1, 2013. Rutgers is developing appropriate support so that services can be made available to legacy UMDNJ students during the coming months.     

Will legacy UMDNJ students be eligible for EOF funding?
EOF funding will continue to be available to eligible students. 

What is the status of existing programs and central administration on the Stratford campus?
Pursuant to the Restructuring Act, the UMDNJ-School of Osteopathic Medicine will transfer to Rowan University. However, the approximately 475 students on the Stratford campus who are students in the nursing, health-related professions, and public health programs will transition to Rutgers. Planning for the support of these programs is under way and we expect that students will be able to complete their studies on the Stratford campus.

Will there be a Medical Scholars (MS/MBS) program under the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences–Stratford that guarantees an interview at the School of Osteopathic Medicine after the restructuring?
For information about programs in Stratford that will become part of Rowan University, please see the Rowan integration website at

When will the library systems integrate?
The plan is to make the library systems and resources of both universities available to the integrated university starting July 1, 2013. We expect to have a unified library system that will be accessible to all students, faculty, and staff.

What is the process for transferring from one undergraduate school to another? Will legacy UMDNJ undergraduates be eligible for this type of transfer?
As of July 1, currently enrolled undergraduate students working toward a degree who wish to apply for admission to another school within the university should submit the online school-to-school transfer application at

What are the policies for cross-registration among the professional schools?
Most courses in the professional schools are open only to students in those schools, but students may request permission to cross-register according to school policies. Refer to school websites for further information about these policies.

What are the policies for cross-registration among the graduate schools?
Most courses in the graduate schools are open only to students in those schools, but students may request permission to cross-register according to school policies. Refer to school websites for further information about these policies.

How does the integration affect UMDNJ and Rutgers accreditation?
On March 8, 2013, Rutgers received official word from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, the agency that provides accreditation for both Rutgers and UMDNJ, that it has agreed to include within the scope of Rutgers’ accreditation the integration of the entities coming into Rutgers from UMDNJ and the governance changes outlined in the New Jersey Medical and Health Sciences Education Restructuring Act. While this approval was expected, it was nonetheless a very positive step in the process of integration.

Can UMDNJ schools continue to use Moodle for their online learning platforms, as in the past?
Yes. Schools may continue to use Moodle after July 1, 2013.

Can Rutgers students admitted to the medical or dental schools for fall admission begin taking courses earlier?
No, the professional schools require students to take the requisite courses in a set sequence, and these courses are not typically offered out of sequence.

Will students in legacy UMDNJ programs pay Rutgers tuition or UMDNJ tuition?
Tuition and fees for legacy UMDNJ programs for the 2013–14 academic year were set by the UMDNJ Board of Trustees on March 19, 2013, and students enrolled in these legacy UMDNJ programs will be billed accordingly.

Beginning July 1, 2013, students may view their information on the student portal at

Where should legacy UMDNJ students go for financial aid information or to pay their term bills?
Legacy UMDNJ students may pay their term bills at legacy UMDNJ Billing/Collections offices. The office locations and contact information will be included on term bills that will be emailed to students. For financial aid information, legacy UMDNJ students should contact the legacy UMDNJ financial aid office.

Beginning July 1, 2013, students may view their information on the student portal at

I am interested in applying to one of the legacy UMDNJ schools. Where can I find information about specific programs and admissions requirements?
Prospective students interested in applying to a legacy UMDNJ school should view the school’s website for admissions requirements; if they have questions, they should contact the school’s Office of Admissions.

After July 1, will any Rutgers schools offer programs on the Stratford campus?
The Rutgers School of Nursing, School of Health Related Professions, and School of Public Health will offer courses at the Stratford location.

How will the integration impact students at The School of Osteopathic Medicine?
Please refer to Rowan’s integration website for questions pertaining to the Rowan-UMDNJ integration.